Free Workout: KB20 - Week 1 Day 1

Over the past year, we've been developing and testing a program requiring nothing but a kettlebell and a pull-up bar. While bodyweight training is phenomenal, just a single added weight can make a huge impact on strength and all around improvement. It's almost time to release the new program, but first we'd like to give you a free trial to the first workout in the program. At nearly 52 minutes, this is a workout where you follow along with our athletes in the Lab. So crank some music, get after it, and let us know what you think!

WEEK 1 : DAY 1


2 Rounds

OH Squat - 5

Standing Pigeon - 5 per side

Ham Rock to Reach - 3 per side

Butt Kicks - 20 total

High Knees - 20 total

Speed Skaters - 20 total


Block 1: 3 Total Rounds

Alt Fwd Lunge OH Hold - 30 sec per side

KB Swings - 30 sec

Rev. Def. Front Rack Lunge - 1 min

Bent Over Row - 30 sec per side

Russian Twist - 30 sec 

*REST 30 sec*

90 sec AMRAP: 

Plank Pike Jacks x 5

Broad Jump to Backpedal x 5

Block 2: 4 Total Rounds

Push-ups x 30 sec

KB Goblet Squats - 30 sec

KB RDLs - 30 sec

KB Toe Goblet Squats - 30 sec

Pull-ups - 1 min max reps

*REST 30 sec*

90 sec AMRAP: 

Plank Pike Jacks x 5

Broad Jump to Backpedal x 5


OH Lunge Hold - 30 sec per side

Golf Stretch - 1 min

Pigeon Pose - 30 sec per side

Child’s Pose - 30 sec


Starting Weight Suggestions: 


Beginner - 4kg

Intermediate - 8kg 

Expert - 12kg


Beginner - 12kg 

Intermediate - 16kg

Expert - 20kg

Warmup should take less than 5 minutes. Begin Block 1 within 1 minute of completing warmup. Transitions between Blocks and AMRAPs should be approximately 30 sec - 1 minute. Keep track of your rounds during AMRAPs to track your progress.

Block 1 Technique Points: 

All lunges should aim for full range of motion (back knee touches floor). During KB Swings, focus on hinging at the hips, maintaining a vertical shin angle, and not “squatting”. Keep a flat, neutral spine during Bent Rows, and do not round your shoulders. KB should NOT bounce off the floor during Russian Twists.  

Block 2 Technique Points: 

During RDLs, maintain a strict hip hinge, flat back, tight armpits and soft knees. Your heels should remain off the floor for your entire set of Toe Goblet Squats. If this is not possible due to balance, elevate your heels on a 1-2 inch ledge for stabilization. Chin should be getting above the bar for each Pullup rep.


MTNTOUGH believes that mental toughness is just as important as physical strength and that the strongest muscle in the human body is the one between your ears. With a coaching staff comprised of former Navy SEALs, Army Rangers, and renowned physical trainers—the workouts aren’t easy. The goal is to prepare clients for both the unthinkable and the everyday—to have the mental capacity and physical stamina to self-rescue in an emergency, or grind through a 12-hour workday and still play with the kids after dinner. Ara Megerdichian, MTNTOUGH coach and former U.S. Army officer and Ranger, believes the best way to harden the mind is by reaching and exceeding physical boundaries, by taking challenges once considered impossible and making them attainable and repeatable.